Bag some more experience by finding this hidden Fortnite XP drop

fortnite xp drop hidden
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Where is the Fortnite XP drop hidden in the Chaos Rising loading screen? This piece of artwork has more than than its fair share of secrets, as battle royale players have found in the last week or so. The screen shows Sorana—a secret legendary skin unlocked by completing all the Alter Ego challenges and finding all the F.O.R.T.N.I.T.E. letters—looking at a pile of television screens that hint at various clues.

These have led players to find a special Sorana styles, as you did with Singularity in season 10. However, now we are to use it to find the Fortnite hidden XP drop in the Chaos Rising loading screen. This'll give you a nice healthy whack of experience, and you're going to need to visit a piece of Fortnite history to do it. So here's where to find the secret XP drop in Fortnite.

Where to find the Fortnite XP drop hidden in the Chaos Rising loading screen

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That key moment in the Fortnite canon pertains to Kevin the Cube. If you're memory's hazy, this purple cube devastated the map some seasons ago, leaving runes in its wake and completely ravaged Loot Lake. There's a monument to good ol' Kev in Steamy Stacks: that's the place where you need to head.

This area is in the northeast corner of the map, but there'll be quite a few other players heading there right now completing other challenges, so be on your guard. The cube statue is located in a courtyard opposite a building emblazoned with the purple lettering 'Kevolution Energy'. Nice.

And this is the spot you need to visit to get your bundle of XP. But that's not all you can do to progress your Battle Pass challenges-wise: make sure you've visited these three Fortnite steel bridges, too. They come in three colour variants and you need to dance near each of them to get your reward.

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