Fortnite update 7.20 brings back glider redeploy as an item

Fortnite 7.20 is live now and once again lets players soar through the skies after they’ve already landed on the island. It also introduces a scoped revolver as an alternative to sniper rifles, along with One Shot, a new limited time mode. 

Epic added glider redeploy to the game last year, but it was eventually removed after it divided the community. Some enjoyed the additional flexibility that it provided and welcomed the game’s continuing evolution, but others were less convinced by the new feature and felt it shook things up too much. It returns, then, with some tweaks. 

Gliders are now rare items that you can loot. You get ten charges to let you float around, though using launch pads and rifts won’t consume a charge. Ten seems like quite a lot, but at least doesn’t guarantee that everyone you meet will have a glider in their inventory.

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If you’re worried that won’t give you enough opportunities to soar, the new LTM has you covered. One Shot lowers the gravity, players only have 50 health, bandages are the only healing item and sniper rifles are the only weapon. I don’t anticipate I’ll have much success, as I’m not very precise even when I’m on the ground, but I can’t get enough of low gravity modes. 

The update also includes loads of weapon tweaks, including miniguns and sniper rifles, and it’s now easier to change direction while using the zipline. There are bug fixes galore, too. 

A new arctic island, Frosty Fortress, has appeared in Creative mode, along with some buildings already places. There’s a new country theme, too, full of farmstead prefabs. Save the World, meanwhile, has a new challenge, rewards and heroes. 

Take a look at the full patch notes here

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