How to use Fortnite's spike traps to rack up quiet kills

Fortnite's a game about running, jumping, shooting, and a whole lot of building. There isn’t much downtime or the kind of silent suspense you see in PUBG, and you really only get some alone time if you land somewhere far away from everyone else. That downtime is perfect for using the spike trap, a tool that’s ideal for collecting a few passive kills. Our guide to Fortnite's spike trap will help you nab some of your own.

The spike trap is an alternative building tool you can collect, similar to the bounce traps, campfires, and launch pads. They can only be placed on flat surfaces, and spike traps are best on walls and ceilings.

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Be sure to keep in mind: Your own traps can’t hurt you, but traps left by eliminated players are still as deadly as ever. Keep a watchful eye on ceilings, floors, and walls before bursting into a building. 

Put it at the entrance of your hideout to watch your back

Solo play can be intimidating: you don’t have that extra pair of eyes watching your back, something that’s incredibly useful when your planning your next move from the comfort of your best hiding spot.

The spike trap can act as a pseudo bouncer wherever you’ve set up shop for those final circle moments. If you go into a building or house, especially in the late game sprint, leave the front door open and place a spike trap on the ceiling right above the door. You can even build a ceiling if there isn't one there already. This can easily give you and extra kill or two if done right since there are only a few, if any, buildings within the final circle and few players actually prepare for a trap within the building they’re about to run into. 

Hiding a surprise in your fort

Little forts are a dime a dozen across Fortnite’s deserts and forests. Finding a small wooden, brick, or steel constructed fortress is usually a clue that a fight went down and there may be some extra loot lying around. A lot of players tend to explore these wreckages with little worry about whether or not the player that built them is still around. This is another great opportunity to set a trap.

Either in one of the late stages of the game, or while you’re making your way to a new circle and know some players may be trailing behind you, build your own quick one or two story box. Make a door on the front, set a spike trap on the top, and drop an item or two inside so they are visible as people walk by. If you’re lucky, this will lure in at least one unsuspecting victim and skewer them before they have a chance to check out the sweet loot you left behind.

Lead them to the spikes 

A lot of times you’ll find yourself on the run when you're outgunned and low on ammo. This can feel frantic, but the spike trap is a perfect distraction and countermeasure for someone hot on your tail. 

If you’re running across a narrow wooden bridge, into a house, around the corner, or even in a space with defined walls, place a spike trap as soon as you make a turn. This can distract the enemy by forcing them to avoid or destroy the trap, giving you extra time to reposition or escape. It also could end up killing them if all goes well.

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