The best Fortnite settings and control tweaks

We have seen some detailed settings menus in our time, but few are as big or confusing as Fortnite's. Besides the usual slate of graphics options, they're filled with strange terms such as 'Turbo Builder' and four different settings that reference sprinting in some way. Unearthing every little tweak to find out which Fortnite settings are the best for you takes some study. Fortnite Season 6 is almost here, which makes it the perfect time to commit. We're here to help. 

Turbo Building  

The mysterious Turbo Building is actually one of the most important settings in Fortnite and you should certainly have it on all the time. In simple terms it means that you can press and hold the build button to continuously place whatever item you have selected instead of having to click on every position where you want to place a wall. Simply pressing and holding the left mouse button while running up a massive staircase with continue to build said staircase until you run out of materials or simply stop. 

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Once you start using this building becomes so much easier. Now you can spin round 360 degrees and have a fully enclosed structure around you having only had to click once, which massively reduces the build times. Sure you are more likely to waste more materials with some misplaced structures but that is much better than falling to your death because you didn’t time your mouse click at the right time. 

Builder Pro 

This one is for those that like to use a controller to play Fortnite (no judgement). Mouse and keyboard players clearly have an advantage as they have way more inputs, meaning there has to be some clever use of a controller's buttons to a comparable amount of options. The best controller configuration is the Builder Pro option, which maps each of the four main building types to a shoulder button or trigger. This means that once the build mode is activated with a quick button press you can quickly and efficiently place building blocks by pressing the correct button, instead of having to scroll to the one you want. 

Toggle Sprint and Sprint By Default  

Sprinting may not seem like the most important mechanic in Fortnite, but with four separate settings dedicated to it, it sure is confusing figuring out how best to run quickly. The two that your are going to want to focus on are Toggle Sprint and Sprint By Default. Both remove the need to constantly be holding the sprint button if you want to hoof it, which is great when the storm is on your tail. 

Enabling Toggle Sprint simply means that you have to press the sprint button once to start sprinting and then again to stop, while Sprint By Default simply means that you will always be sprinting when moving unless you hit the sprint key, which will make you walk. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and this mostly comes down to personal preference, but really using one or the other makes things a lot easier. If you need to free up an extra key for building or weapon mapping, just stick with Sprint By Default. 

Auto Sort Consumables to Right

The menu option we never knew we needed. Many players prefer keeping healing items slotted to the far right, dedicating the first few to weapon slots for easy switching. Enabling this option (it's off by default) will slot whatever healing item you pick up to the rightmost inventory slot, shaving off a few seconds of inventory management. For the love of all things good and beautiful, enable this one. 

Auto Open Doors and Auto Pick Up Weapons  

On PC there is little reason to use either of these, as it isn’t exactly difficult to hit an extra button or two to perform either action, but if you also take your Fortnite skills on the move with the mobile version then these can be solid options. Having doors auto open for you and weapons instantly appear in your inventory when you walk over them with a free space saves a lot of movement and screen obscuring on mobile, which will make life a lot easier. 

On PC, however, its best to keep these turned off. You might want to save an inventory space for something better or keep a door closed so as not to inadvertently welcome shotgun-wielding opponents into your fort.