Fortnite pros have formed a professional players association

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Some professional Fortnite players have banded together to form the Fortnite Professional Players Association, a global collective of pros who, with their powers combined, carry a lot of clout. The group aims to give players a voice in regards to the future of the competitive scene. 

"It is an independent world-wide collective of professional Fortnite players," reads the statement, "meant to provide us a professional platform to voice our opinions on the future of the competitive scene of Fortnite, so that we may have the most productive dialogue possible with developers."

I feel like I hear plenty from Fortnite pros as it is, but there's a big difference between making a video or a remark to your audience, even if it is massive, and being able to approach Epic as a unified group. Naturally, they want a say in how the game they've staked careers on grows. 

The group launched with 16 members across North America and Europe on Friday, but it said it would be inviting more players to join in the coming weeks. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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