Fortnite players recreated the entire music video for Finesse by Bruno Mars

The proper release of Fortnite's 60-minute sandbox mode, Playground, kicked off an ever-growing list of impressive in-game projects ranging from lakeside castles to to-scale Call of Duty maps. Of course, players have also been doing impressive things in the normal game mode for a while, and the latest from the folks at YouTube channel WiziBlimp is a sight to behold: using some clever camera work and well-timed dance emotes, WiziBlimp recreated the entire music video for Finesse by Bruno Mars (featuring Cardi B). Have a look at it above. 

The choreography is impressive in its own right, but it looks even better when you compare it to the original music video via picture-in-picture, as Reddit user and WiziBlimp contributor burpfloor did in this post. Finesse isn't WiziBlimp's first Fortnite music video, either: earlier this year, they tackled Childish Gambino's This is America.  

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