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Fortnite patch notes bring back the bandage bazooka

fortnite patch notes 11.20
(Image credit: Epic Games)

What's in the Fortnite patch notes 11.20? Another week means a new Fortnite update, and we're here to give you a breakdown on everything we know that's coming to the game, along with various bug fixes and improvements.

One of those is the highly anticipated bandage bazooka, a useful rocket launcher that allows you to heal your comrades from a distance. We thought it was due to return last week but, this time, our patience has been rewarded. The other headline is DirectX12 support for Fortnite: on compatible graphics cards, PC players can now chase further Victory Royales with a higher and steadier frame rate, thanks to CPU optimisations.

This season Epic Games have chosen to not share their full Fortnite patch notes, but this time, we've got a little more information. There's also still plenty that can be gleaned from the company's Trello board and after some time with the game when it returns. So, here's everything we know about the latest Fortnite update so far.

The latest Fortnite patch notes 11.20

Battle royale changes:

  • Daily Challenges are back and can be completed for XP. Up to three at a time are available, and once a day you can replace a challenge for another.
  • In the Locker, you can now filter your items by the season in which they were introduced. To filter your items by season, enter the season name in the search bar. Use terms like "season 5," "season x," "chapter 2 season 1," etc.
  • You can now adjust the UI contrast. To adjust the UI contrast, use the user interface contrast setting in the graphics section of the video settings.
  • Added Microsoft DirectX 12 support. To use Microsoft DirectX 12, select it in the advanced graphics section of the video settings.
  • Adjusted the headshot multiplier of the Tactical Shotgun so it's now in line with the headshot multiplier of the Pump Shotgun. 
  • Increased the effective health (sum of health + shield) given from Slurp Tankers.

Bug fixes:

  • Resolved syncing issues involving the Bandage Bazooka. (Because these have been resolved, the Bandage Bazooka has been re-enabled.)
  • Addressed reports of hitching on mobile devices.
  • Resolved the equipped item slot being the selection slot when players open the inventory.
  • The hair of the Devastator Outfit now appears the intended color. 
  • The John Wick Outfit’s Pistol no longer appears larger than intended.
  • The Magma Wrap now appears correctly on everything except the Bandage Bazooka and Pistol. It will appear correctly on these weapons in a future release.

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