Fortnite exotic weapons: All season 8 locations

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Exotic weapons in Fortnite are some of the best tools for winning a battle royale match. Their blend of punishing damage and unique functionality means you'll inevitably have some advantage over opponents.

The only problem is trying to find them. Exotic weapons are sold by NPCs, so you'll need a healthy amount of gold bars to pay for them, although you can always try your luck at malfunctioning vending machines.

Fortnite season 8 has reintroduced some older exotic weapons, along with longtime favorites and spread them around the map. We've laid out every exotic weapon location for you below. We also have a guide to the new Sideways weapons.

Read on for our full guide to Fortnite season 8 exotic weapons.

Fortnite exotic weapon locations

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Exotic WeaponLocationCostNPC
Chug CannonRandomN/ALoot Llamas
Marksman Six ShooterRetail Row400 Gold BarsAbstrakt
Night HawkLockie's Lighthouse400 Gold BarsGuggimon
Shadow TrackerDinky Dish400 Gold BarsMaven
Storm ScoutYellow Steel Bridge (east of Retail Row)500 Gold BarsRiot

Storm Scout: This sniper rifle tells you where the next storm circle will form, giving you a distinct advantage when it comes to placement on the battlefield.

Shadow Tracker: A suppressed pistol. Hit an enemy and a marker will appear over their head for a short period of time, visible to all teammates.

Night Hawk: A scoped revolver, but it's scope has thermal vision.

Marksman six shooter: Shoot from the hip (no zoom) to fire rapidly, or aim down the sights for increased damage with a slower firing rate.

Chug Cannon: Functionally a Bandage Bazooka. Firing on friendly teammates will heal them for a small amount of health. Be careful, as you can accidentally heal enemies, too.

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