Mistborn's Kelsier comes to Fortnite as a new skin

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Marvel cinematic universe? Nah. Hip-hop icon? Get out of here. A series of fantasy books I used to sell at Barnes & Noble? I guess so? Burn your bingo cards, because the latest Fortnite crossover is be based on the Mistborn novels by Brandon Sanderson.

Fortnite dropped the official announcement early Friday. The new skin is based on Kelsier, a central character of the series.

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Epic previously teased the Mistborn crossover by tweeting out a quote from the books.

The quote refers to Kelsier: "You're the one they call the Survivor; those scars on your arm give you away. You're a troublemaker."

Despite being a decent reader of fantasy and sci-fi (I love a good Drizzt novel, or John Scalzi), I'll admit I don't know Mistborn outside of always, always seeing it on the shelves at bookstores. A quick dive down the rabbit hole tells me that Mistborn follows a young thief named Vin in a dark world dominated by powerful magic. She learns she's one of the Mistborn, a being who can use metal particles to dramatically enhance her abilities. Kelsier, her mentor, is the leader of a religion known as the Church of the Survivor, and their crew works to overthrow an empire.

Fairly straightforward fantasy stuff, it seems, but you don't get as big as Mistborn without having some enjoyable characters and drama, so I'm willing to bet things evolve quite dramatically as they go along.

Brandon Sanderson is also known for completing writing on the Wheel of Time, which he took over from Robert Jordan after the author's untimely death. Overall, Sanderson has an estimated 15 million sales across all his series. Mistborn: The Final Empire (the first book in the trilogy) was first published in 2006 and concluded the trilogy only two years later with Mistborn: The Hero of Ages. In between other releases, he started a Mistborn sequel series with Alloy of Law in 2011.

His most recent work is the Stormlight Archives series, which started in 2010.

The Kelsier bundle comes with the Hemalurgic Spikes back bling, the Volcanic Glass Daggers pickaxe, and a new loading screen.

fortnite mistborn

(Image credit: Epic Games)

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