Fortnite loot llama update now live, new limited-time Blitz mode due next week

After slight delay, Fornite's loot llama and remote explosive-boasting update v3.3 is live. As planned, smoke grenades have been "vaulted", while a new Blitz mode for Battle Royale promises shorter, more aggressive battles. 

Let's start with the latter. One thing I love about wave-based games is that they, for the most part, respect their players' time. Fortnite's incoming Blitz mode takes this idea one step further by capping matches at 15 minutes, and applying shorter storm times. Matches kick off with the storm circle already closing, so says Epic, which promises "faster and more intense matches."

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The latest update brings with it a typical list of bug fixes, whereas Save the World's 'Spring it On!' event introduces a new questline and some Saint Patrick's Day-themed heroes. Read about those in more detail here, and watch this promotional clip of the aforementioned sticky bombs in action:

I'm a big fan of ranged combat in Fortnite, therefore the idea of taking some poor bastard down by way of remote explosive excites me. Epic informs the bombs themselves are of rare rarity, and can be found inside treasure chests, as floor loot, via supply drops, or within the new Supply Llamas in stacks of four. 

Check out update v3.3's patch notes in full over here. Fortnite: Battle Royale's limited-time Blitz mode is due March 19.