Fortnite has added John Wick and his Bounty LTM

John Wick's one-man war has once again taken him to Fortnite's island, this time accompanied by a new temporary mode, Wick's Bounty, free rewards and a skin and sledgehammer set that you can buy in the shop. 

We've been expecting Mr. Wick to grace the battle royale for a little while, as dataminers uncovered the skin and mode while they were rooting around. His house also snuck into the game recently. It's nice. Being an assassin definitely pays better than writing about Fortnite crossovers. 

Completing challenges in Wick's Bounty will earn you a giant gold token you can strap to your back for some reason, a one-shot glider that looks like a brolly, a Boogeyman wrap and some bonus XP. 

More details will be available in the patch notes, which are yet to appear. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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