How to solve the Fortnite encrypted cipher quests

Fortnite - a player looks at a computer terminal for encrypted ciphers
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Fortnite is entering its hacker era with this week's cipher decryption quests: figuring out the right locations will lead you to a bunch of goodies including the Keep the Peace Syndicate Idol spray, Order Up burger loading screen, Deciphered Emoticon, rare Circuitry animated weapon wrap, and a whopping 100,000 Season XP. If those treasures pique your interest, then you're in the right place. We got you covered on all the information you need to crack these enigmatic codes and acquire that good Cipher Bonus Goal loot before the challenges leave on March 10th. 

How to decode encrypted cipher quests in Fortnite 

You might be a bit confused when looking at the obscure encrypted cipher quests that read "[STATIC] Inspect the wall… beneath eastern building at… (MESSAGE ENCRYPTED)." But worry not, the Fortnite team dropped an important hint that these puzzles utilize a simple number/letter substitution cipher where A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, and so on. In addition to that, the main quest description reads "A signal has been detected with a looping encrypted message inside that reads What could it mean?." Players have figured out that if you subtract those numbers from Cipher quest's digits, then you'll get a readable translation.  

Continuing with this example, the final numbers for the first quest's stage would be:, which translates to "ANVIL SQUARE." Keep this in mind for future quests and you'll be hacking the planet in no time. 

Encrypted cipher quest locations 

If you'd like to fast track to the end of these challenges, here's a chronological list of all the locations and actions you'll need to complete for the initial challenges.

  • Hit up the underground garage table in Anvil Square 
  • Spray or emote in the Faulty Splits bowling alley
  • Press buttons on the Lonely Labs shipping container computer 

These are only the beginning Cipher-based challenges, and there will be more popping up all the way until March 10.  

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