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Where to find Fortnite's crown of RVs, metal turtle, and submarine for easy battle stars

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Week one of Fortnite Season 7 (opens in new tab) has brought back a familiar challenge for Battle Pass owners. This challenge tasks you with dancing in three distinct locations, including a crown of RVs, a metal turtle, and a submarine. 

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The crown of RVs can be easily found on a hill to the very south of Paradise Palms. Once you've completed part one, finish the game and get ready for part two of the challenge, which is dancing on top of a metal turtle. It can be found just northeast of Lonely Lodge.

Finally, the third task of dancing on top of a submarine sends you to the new biome, southeast of Frosty Flights. The third location marked on the map will point you to a submarine that is stuck on top of a tall peak. You'll either have to land on it or build your way up there. See the map and detailed images of each location below.