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Here are the themed Fortnite Borderlands challenges

Fortnite Borderlands Pandora challenges
(Image credit: Epic Games)

What are the Fortnite Borderlands challenges? To celebrate the third entry in Gearbox's highly anticipated shoot-and-loot series, Borderlands is the latest crossover with Epic Games' behemoth of a battle royale game.

The Fortnite Welcome to Pandora challenges are just one part of this chaotic update: we're getting a new Rift Zone that pays homage to the cel-shaded desert planet and host of new rewards inspired by Gearbox's loot-'em-up. Oh, and that includes a miniature Claptrap strapped to your back, because everyone wants that.

That said, you're here because you're interested in the kinds of tasks you'll need to complete so you can acquire these new goodies. The Fortnite Pandora challenges don't seem to be live yet, but you can already have a poke around the new zone in the Oasis near Paradise Palms.

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Now that the event quests are live yet, we can crack on with the activities in the newly-revitalised area. Here they are:

  • Collect cash from chests and opponents in Pandora (10)
  • Eliminate opponents in Pandora (3)
  • Search chests in Pandora (7)
  • Find Claptrap's missing eye and then return it to him
  • Gain shields in Pandora (500)
  • Search different Fortnite Vault Symbols (3)

So, as you can see, the special tasks aren't too tough: most you'll gain simply by playing the game. However, a couple of them require a bit more searching, so expect some more guides from us on those. In terms of rewards, you'll be getting a banner, some sprays, and then a wrap if you get the lot.

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