How to find and return Claptrap's missing eye in Fortnite

Fortnite claptrap missing eye
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Claptrap's missing eye in Fortnite is a tough cookie to track down if you're not the observant type. Gearbox's aggravating android has found itself caught amid the gunfire of Epic Games' battle royale island, and he's without a crucial component: his eye.

Retrieving the missing eye is one of a selection of Fortnite Borderlands challenges you can tackle in this limited-time crossover event to celebrate the imminent launch of the third game in Gearbox's looter-shooter. To get the exclusive new cel-shaded loot, completing these quests should be relatively simple, so we're here to show you how to do it.

This task is tough because the Pandora Rift Zone covers a fair chunk of the desert zone Oasis and you need to find the eye and the robot itself within it. So, first, we're going to show you where to find the component and then where you can return it to poor, sightless Claptrap.

Fortnite missing eye location

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To find the eye, head to the southern side of the Rift Zone (as pictured above). As you're gliding down, look out for a sizeable building with a windmill next to it, set against some mountains by the coast. 

Enter through the building's western entrance and you should see an armchair and television in the corner - this is where you should find Claptrap's eye. Now that you've completed stage one of this challenge, let's restore the robot's vision, so he can thank his good Samaritan properly.

Fortnite Claptrap location

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You can find Claptrap on the west side of the new Pandora area. After picking up the eye, rejoin the main road and follow it west until you see the 'Welcome to Pandora' sign. It's big, so you should see it from fairly far away.

Claptrap is at the base of the sign. Simply sidle up to him and hand him the eye you've recovered. And then, knowing this robot from three Borderlands games, you should probably cut the conversation short and say your goodbyes as quickly as possible. Trust us.

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