Fortnite and Borderlands collide in the latest update

Fortnite's latest map-warping Rift has ripped a chunk out of Borderlands' Pandora and dropped it in the battle royale. Patch 10.20's crossover lets you duke it out in the dusty battleground and also includes a bunch of themed Fortnite Borderlands challenges and cosmetics. If you truly despise yourself, you can even buy your very own Claptrap. 

Like other Rift Zones, Pandora has its own quirks. If you're fighting in the new area, you'll be blessed with a regenerative shield that recharges after four seconds. Unfortunately, none of Borderlands wild and exotic guns have made it over. Pandora will be sticking around until September 10. 

In Creative Mode, you can use the new Pandora building set to create your own Borderlands arena, and it might feature in the Pandora block that's coming soon. The building set is accompanied by an appropriately desolate map, too.

The patch also flings a new item into the mix, a handy shield bubble that you can cower underneath, and continues to tweak the mech. Last week, the B.R.U.T.E. was defanged a bit, and now the mech's map icon will remain visible to everyone after a player hops inside it. That should make it easier to avoid or, if you're feeling bold, hunt. 

A couple of weeks ago, James argued that Fortnite's mechs are good, actually, and it's a shame that once again an interesting item that shakes up the game has been hit by nerfs. Balance sucks all the fun out of life, but at least they've not been vaulted yet. 

Patch 10.20 is out now.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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