Tips for playing Fortnite's Beach Assault LTM

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Fortnite’s latest LTM (limited time mode) is ripped straight from the headlines of...1944. The Beach Assault LTM, designed by “Pruidz,” sends you and a squad full of keyboard warriors to the sandy beaches of not-quite-Normandy to destroy or defend a giant doomsday cannon, and it’s a decent bit of shlocky fun. Here’s everything you need to know to win the Fortnite Beach Assault LTM.

Fortnite Beach Assault LTM rule set

This LTM starts simply with some text. “The war is almost over. Storm the beach defends and destroy the doomsday cannon, or stage a last-ditch defense to keep the invaders at bay.”

Beach Assault is divided into two rounds, where you’ll be playing either attackers or defenders.

Attackers must assault the beach, destroy the sentry bots lined up as cannon fodder, reach the forward objective point and then assault the doomsday cannon in the heart of the compound.

Defenders must race to the beach wall (with plenty of pill boxes) and push back the invaders. If they fail that first step, they’ll have to defend the doomsday cannon for 15 whole minutes.

Tips for attackers

If you’re playing the attacker, you’ll want to treat this like your grandpappy in WWII would. Take cover behind the beach’s rock formations and czech hedgehogs (the spiky metal things you always see in D-Day movies and games), and take your shots carefully. The defenders will actually have to run to the beach wall first, so you’ve got at least 15 seconds before they can really set up.

Unfortunately, there’s also some sentry bots stationed around to keep you from advancing too far right out of the gate—er, boat.

Each player is given three weapons (with some LMGs scattered around) to start with: An M1 Garand-style single-shot rifle, a drum gun, and a shotgun. Use your rifle to whittle away the sentries from afar. They can definitely hit you, but their aim isn’t great to begin with. Once you get up the beach wall, you’ll want to immediately start looking for side routes to enter the compound from.

Two or three main routes you should be exploiting are the underground tunnel on the left side of the compound map, the exploding barrel that opens up a giant hole in the center, or the exploding barrel on the right. Both tunnels lead underground and will let you get around the enemy team.

The game is honestly way too favorable towards the attacking team, so you should be able to skirt around enemy players consistently enough to whittle the cannon’s health down to zero.

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Tips for defenders

Like I state above, the LTM is way too tilted towards the attacking team. Defending that cannon for 15 minutes when all it takes is some basic coordination from the invaders is ridiculous.

That said, if you want to up your chances of winning the round, make sure you’re aware of what tools are at your disposal. The compound is littered with ammo boxes and better guns like the LMG, which can really help you cover those tunnels.

There’s also a turret on the right side of the beach wall. You’re a sitting duck for any qualified sniper, but it’s equally good for laying down covering fire.

Other then that, make use of the sniper rifle or LMGs hidden in treasure chests or pinatas and you’ll be swimming in kills. During the few runs I managed to grab a sniper, I was actually shocking myself with how many headshots I was pulling off, since attackers were focused on taking out sentries.

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