Former Wii U exclusive Lego City Undercover coming to PC

In 2013, after a decade of putting their own spin on well-known comics and movie series, Lego launched Lego City: Undercover—a Wii U exclusive that told a story within its own block-based universe. 

Set in a similarly sprawling open world, Undercover featured a host of familiar toys from Lego's real life City series which our sister site GamesRadar rated four out of five stars. Warner Bros. Games has now revealed it's coming to PC next year. 

"The consistent delivery of these references complement the story's comedic dialogue and sight gags," says Miguel Concepcion in his 2013 review. "You can tell the game's writers are fans of the Police Squad! TV show and movie series. None of the jokes feel forced or drawn out, which helps keep the cutscenes concise and well-paced."

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When quizzed by Twitter users, Lego referred to Undercover as both a "re-release" and a "remastered" game when it lands on new platforms, including current gen consoles and PC. It added: "More information will be coming over the next couple of months..stay tuned."

Lego City Undercover is due for PC via Steam in "Spring 2017."