For just over £1000, this Devil May Cry neon sign can now be yours

If you've ever looked at Dante's Devil May Cry office and envied being in his business of...what is it he does for a profession? Demon slaying? Who's paying him to do that? Does he pay tax on his income? Anyway, you can own the neon signs seen in the game, if you live in the UK and Europe. Originally revealed late last year, they're apparently now available as part of a whole Capcom series by Neon Creations. 

The above, based on the sign seen on the van in the upcoming Devil May Cry 5, will set you back a cool £1,035. If that's a little rich for you, consider this retro model based on what I believe is the DMC3 version, which is slightly kinder on the wallet at £945:

Unfortunately for our American readers, these lights only seem to ship to the UK and parts of Europe right now. I wonder how my partner would feel if I spent all our holiday money on a sign like this, to stick on that spare wall in my kitchen? Only then, would my enemies know that I, too, a slightly unfit man living in a small flat in Bath, England, am cool like Dante.

Devil May Cry 5, of course, is out next month. Tom recently played six hours of it, and it made a fantastic impression, following a less convincing playable debut at Gamescom last year. "Devil May Cry 5 could easily have been a nostalgic throwback to earlier games, but with exceptional animations, a photorealistic look, and top notch performance capture, 5 takes Devil May Cry’s quirkiness and teen sense of cool and fits it into a package that feels like it belongs in 2019."

Samuel Roberts
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