First-person puzzler Kairo gets demo, release date

Abstract first-person puzzle game Kairo becomes a little less mysterious with the announcement of a release date – October 21st – plus a demo to cut your teeth on before the full game arrives in a matter of


We haven't mentioned Richard Perrin's atmospheric exploration puzzle game before, but if you imagine Myst – no wait, come back! If you imagine Myst, then replace the pre-rendered postcards with actual rooms full of actual objects, then you're halfway there. Add a haunting soundtrack and a suitably alien visual style, and you have Kairo. (Not to be confused with the origin of J-Horror .)

You can get the demo here , but if you're the type that likes to pay for things before you actually play them, a pre-order will grant you access to the beta build. Behold Kairo in all its ethereal glory below.

Tom Sykes

Tom loves exploring in games, whether it’s going the wrong way in a platformer or burgling an apartment in Deus Ex. His favourite game worlds—Stalker, Dark Souls, Thief—have an atmosphere you could wallop with a blackjack. He enjoys horror, adventure, puzzle games and RPGs, and played the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VIII with a translated script he printed off from the internet. Tom has been writing about free games for PC Gamer since 2012. If he were packing for a desert island, he’d take his giant Columbo boxset and a laptop stuffed with PuzzleScript games.