Firewatch has sold more than one million copies

Campo Santo's deep-woods adventure Firewatch was one of the most visually stunning games to come out in 2016, and it was also a big success. It sold 500,000 copies in its first month of release, and yesterday the studio revealed that sales have since surpassed the magic one-million mark. 

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A quick look at SteamSpy reveals that roughly (and quite possibly more than) half of that total comes from PC gamers, nearly 550,000 of whom (plus or minus a few thousand) own the game on Steam. At risk of stumbling into stereotypes, I'd say that's not entirely surprising: Games like Firewatch—I'm reluctant to use the term "walking simulator," but there it is—are generally seen as more suited to the indie-friendly confines of the PC than they are to consoles.   

I will also say that it's a well-deserved milestone. We liked Firewatch quite a lot when it came out, and more recently awarded it our Best Writing prize for 2016. Plans to make it into a movie are still underway; plans for a special Million-Seller Greatest Best Hits Firewatch Edition, however, are not. 

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Andy Chalk

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