Firefall trailer shows Dreadnaught armour, Dread Fields and heavy weapons

So far the best part of Firefall's mobile battle suits has been the jet packs, but the main selling point of the Dreadnaught's extra-chunky armour is that it lets him stand very, very still. Magic-netic boots can bind him to almost any surface, turning him into a stationary gun platform from which he can launch Firefall's heaviest ordnance. See an armoured mecha-man adopt horse stance and let rip with a chain-gun in the new trailer above, spotted on RPS .

In recognition of the fact that being stationary isn't the most exciting selling point for a suit of robotic armour, the video also shows off the DREAD FIELD, which whips up an an electrical storm around the suit, draining enemy energy and using it to boost weapon power. The new abilities are nice, but can they make up for the lack of flight power? Luckily, we'll all get to find out. Firefall will be free to play when it's released later this year.

Tom Senior

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