Firefall beta invites rolling out this month

You won't be buying extra muzzle flash for real-world cash in Firefall.

A new Firefall blog post , spotted on Evil Avatar , outlines Red 5's plans for rolling out their rather exciting free to play shooter, Firefall. It's in closed beta testing among family and friends of the dev team right now, but Red 5 plan to send out a round of beta invites shortly after the conclusion of PAX Prime at the end of this month.

Firefall doesn't have an official release date, and won't be getting one. As far as the developers are concerned, they've already launched. Firefall will roll out gradually, growing in size with every wave of invites until the game is live and everyone who wants in can play. In December, the item store will open and the character servers will be reset. You can sign up for a chance to take part in the beta on the Firefall site .

The beta will expand in a similar way to Google's services. Each beta member invited by Red 5 will be given a number of invites to distribute to friends, with the intent of drawing new testers into Firefall's group and clan systems. "We want people to play with folks they know," they say.

Firefall is an exciting prospect. Find out why in our Firefall preview , or watch a few of the jetpack-powered open world battles featured in recent trailers .

Tom Senior

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