Finally, a Metal Gear for nudists: free action game Sabotage

(Image credit: deepnight)

Top-down action game Sabotage is a bit like Metal Gear, except the 'badass' colonel you're playing as feels more comfortable infiltrating an enemy stronghold in his birthday suit. Taking the Ludum Dare jam theme 'start with nothing' to perhaps its logical extreme, you start Sabotage with, well, with absolutely nothing. Not even any weapons, or clothes.

As it turns out, this is not a hindrance whatsoever. While you'll soon find weapons, including a knife, various guns, and the requisite exploding barrels, the main ability in your arsenal is your immense chucking power: you can pick up guards and fling them around the room. If a flung guard hits a wall, or the floor, or another guard, they'll only be dazed for a little while, so you should instead aim for the spikes bizarrely attached to certain walls. If you want them to be impaled bloodily on said spikes, anyway.

There's a bit of sneaking, and a lot of fighting to this little jam game, but with its satisfying throwing mechanic, Sabotage reminds me of Dark Messiah of Might & Magic—AKA the game where you kick orcs into spikes and off sheer cliffs. Yes it's throwing rather than kicking, but Sabotage feels similarly gleefully chaotic. Every room is a tiny physics sandbox. (Thanks, Warp Door.)

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Tom Sykes

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