Final Fantasy XIV patch 2.4 arrives today


Square Enix don't do Final Fantasy XIV patches by half, as the above, eight-minute trailer for the game's 2.4 update makes clear. We were told to expect the 'Dreams of Ice' update in late October, and now that it's late October, all our icy dreams have come true. Which is to say: update 2.4 is now live. It's a massive patch, adding a huge amount of new side, job and class quests to the MMO, along with additional main quests to go with them. Basically, if you were running short on quests, your prayers have been answered to an almost ironic degree.

Quests aside, the rogue class and ninja jobs have been added to the game, together with new gear and dungeons, including the frosty looking Snowcloak, and hard versions of Sastasha and the Sunken Temple of Qarn. I'd be here all day if I were to summarise the whole thing, so click this link for the full lowdown on 2.4.

The next thing to look forward to if you're a FFXIV fan is likely the Heavensward expansion, which adds a new race, classes and areas to the game, along with, assuredly, more quests.

Tom Sykes

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