Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward expansion adds new race, classes, areas


If you were in any doubt that Final Fantasy XIV would be expanding over time, er, don't be, because as of this weekend it demonstrably is. Heavensward is the first, and as FF expansion/add-on names go, it is a little disappointing. FFXI brought us A Crystalline Prophecy: Ode of Life Bestowing, and A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: Evil in Small Doses, for example. Regardless, Heavensward will add a new race, new classes, allow players to build airships, and increase the level cap from 50 to 60, among other stuff.

Square Enix revealed FFXIV's first expansion at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival at Las Vegas this weekend, and Kotaku has the details. Along with the additions mentioned above, we can expect Heavensward to bring new jobs, raids and dungeons, plus new areas including the Northern city of Ishgard. The story has something to do with the Dragonsong War and the Wyrmking, who I'm sure is an entirely pleasant individual. There will be more details at the next FFXIV event, which takes place next weekend, but here's a very brief teaser trailer in the meantime.

See, I told you it was brief. It's a good time for Final Fantasy XIV info, it seems: a couple of days ago we brought you this massive trailer for the game's 2.4 patch, which is due out later this month.

Tom Sykes

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