Final Fantasy XIV patch 2.1 adds more PvP, new dungeons, kidnapped snowman

Square Enix has detailed the new content it added to Final Fantasy XIV in patch 2.1, which is now available to download. Most notably, the patch—titled A Realm Awoken—adds a new PvP arena, player housing, and The Crystal Tower, a new 24-player dungeon.

Oh, and it also used the opportunity to add a bunch of holiday-themed content to the game with this year's Starlight Celebration , which tasks you with saving a kidnapped snowman.

That, along with even more new quests and locations listed below, is probably where most Final Fantasy XIV players are going to spend countless of hours leveling up and hunting for gear. But what I'm most interested in as a casual observer of Final Fantasy XIV is the fabulous new aesthetician , who arrived in the land of Eorzea to grace players with the latest fashionable haircuts.

Even better, a new Trial in the expansion has players helping Final Fantasy's unbearably cute Moogles as they attempt to resurrect their legendary leader, Good King Moggle Mog XI. Here's a picture of him . Googly moogly, is that adorable or what?

You can even get a quick glimpse at him in the potentially seizure-inducing, 10-minute trailer, which goes over all the major 2.1 additions.

Final Fantasy XIV is yet another example of a game that got off to a bad start—so bad that Square Enix had to issue multiple apologies and essentially re-brand it—but it has a come a long way since then. The server issues have been addressed, and it has tons of new content and improvements, as exemplified by the full 2.1 patch notes .