Final Fantasy 7 remake aims for 'quality that surpasses the original'

Despite being announced at E3 2015, we don't know an inordinate amount about the Final Fantasy 7 remake, besides the fact it'll be developed in-house and will be fully voiced

As yet, we don't actually know if it'll arrive on PC—but given the popularity of the series on our platform of choice , I'd wager it'll find its way to desktop in due course. As reported by Gematsu (via IGN), new job postings for a Battle Planner and Level Planner reiterate the game is being made in-house, and that it'll be a "new Final Fantasy VII, not limited to a simple remake."

The original job post—featured here, translated by Gematsu here—doesn't mention the final game will be spread over multiple parts, however this is still thought to be the case. What the post does say is that the FF7 remake will blend action elements with traditional role-playing mechanics as it "preserve(s) the existing concepts users hold while creating a new world view."

The posting adds: "Our goal is 'the realization of game with quality that surpasses the original.' For that reason, we are continuing the recruitment of internal development staff."

So, does that clear anything up? Probably not, but interesting nevertheless. Let us know your thoughts on the Final Fantasy 7 remake in the comments south of here.