Fights in Tight Spaces hits Steam Early Access later this month

Fights in Tight Spaces
(Image credit: Ground Shatter)

Fights in Tight Spaces was announced in early 2020 as a game about dressing up in a nice suit and then beating the holy hell out of crimson goons until the end of crime. The gameplay showcased in the announcement trailer was undeniably brutal and visceral, but it's not so much an action game as it is a turn-based tactical deck-building puzzler: You'll assemble a collection of cards that enables various moves and abilities, equip and upgrade your agent, and then try to complete various bodyguard-style task by furiously throwing hands in up-close-and-personal donnybrooks.

Plans to have the game out later in 2020 didn't quite connect, but developer Ground Shatter said today that the game will make its debut on Steam Early Access, as well as GOG and the Epic Games Store (where there are currently no live store links), on February 24.

Fights in Tight Spaces (Prologue), the first mission of the game that's available as a free demo on Steam (and which, for the record, has an "overwhelmingly positive" user rating) has also been updated and now offers full replays after each fight, with a new, "clearer" interface and updated music. If you'd like to know more about the game, the obvious thing to do is go play the prologue. If you don't have space for that on your schedule right now you can also check out the website at

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