Fight giant boars, spiders, crabs, evil trees in Battle Princess Madelyn boss montage

Battle Princess Madelyn is Causal Bit Games' debut project, a modern throwback to Ghosts 'n Ghouls-era platformers that accrued three times its Kickstarter ask last April. As director and CEO, Christopher Obritsch shoulders most of the work. His boss, however, is his seven-year-old daughter Maddi.  

Which is partly why Battle Princess Madelyn is filled with fantastical boss characters—not least giant crabs and trees and spiders and boars, all of which feature in the following boss montage:

In a recent Kickstarter backer update, Obritsch explained that additional polishing and testing has delayed Battle Princess Madelyn by "a few months, maximum" to ensure the best possible game come launch time. 

"If this was a just a PC/Steam game, and not for my daughter, we’d be a little more lenient about it, however, this is not the case," says Obritsch, "and since it has her name attached to it as the main character—and is very much her creation as well—we want the game as polished as we can possibly get it with our small team."

Elsewhere in that post, some pretty polished-looking screens feature, as do these other neat boss face-offs:

Post-delay, Battle Princess Madelyn is expected around April time. Check out the aforementioned KS post in full for more deets on what its baddies are about.