Here's when FIFA 23 releases in your timezone

Fifa 23 release date - Footballers celebrating
(Image credit: EA)

The FIFA 23 release date is fast approaching, and though Ultimate Edition owners got to head in that little bit earlier, there are still plenty of players waiting for kick-off. Whether it's the ability to silence nasty commentators, or Ted Lasso coming to the game, there's plenty to be excited for if you're a football fan.

FIFA 23 is also the final game in the long-running sports sim series, closing out a run of almost 30 years and possibly too many games. If you have any nostalgia or love for them, or were always curious what the fuss was about, this is your best and last chance to check them out. That said, here's what the FIFA 23 release times are on PC so you can get playing. 

When does FIFA 23 come out? 

Those that purchased the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 got to start playing early on September 27, but for those with the standard edition on Origin, Steam, or the Epic Games Store, the release date is September 29 or 30 depending on your timezone. Players in the UK can get FIFA at 11 pm BST on September 29 with Origin or Steam.

For everywhere else, the release date is midnight local time, September 30, meaning some places will get to play earlier depending on timezone. If you're a member of Xbox PC game pass ultimate or EA Play, you can also try a free ten hour trial of FIFA 23 before release as part of its early access, though the full game sadly isn't included with either. 

You can also find the official requirements on the Steam page. FIFA 23 will need 100 GB of free space to install, but it should actually come in at around 38 GB size wise. 

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