You can stop FIFA 23 from telling you you're bad at FIFA 23

FIFA 23 screen
(Image credit: Electronic ARts)

We've all had less than ideal matches in games. No matter what you play, from Rocket League to League of Legends, you'll know there are games in which you could have performed better. Normally any scathing remarks come from your opponents or maybe even the people you're playing with, and you can mute or just block them from engaging with you again. But FIFA likes to use its own commentators to rinse you a little bit when you're not performing well and, if that rubs you the wrong way, you can now turn this feature off. 

As reported by Eurogamer, FIFA 23 will give you the option to turn off any scathing remarks aimed at you, the player, when you're not doing your best. Ordinarily the commentators of the match will make some harsh comments about how your team is performing, just as they would in a regular match of football. This player's not getting on the ball fast enough, the defence is failing, the regular sort of feedback you'd hear as they critique what's going on when watching a game. But if it's the type of thing to disturb your mental game, there is now the option to prevent FIFA 23 from giving you that feedback if you don't want it. 

In the EA Play trial that is currently live, the 'Disable Critical Commentary' option is available in the audio settings. This apparently doen't remove all negative comments entirely, though perhaps the ones that slip through the gaps are Constructive Criticism Commentary instead eh?

I'd imagine this sort of setting isn't only good to spare the thoughts and feelings of kids just getting to grips with the game but also for esports' sake. For competitive purposes it must be pretty hard to get over any nerves a player has if the game is also telling you you're playing shit right? That's deeply unhelpful if you're trying to get back in the game so fair enough to EA for giving people the option to leave the haters behind.

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