Field of Glory: Empires' new trailer is narrated in Latin

Field of Glory: Empires, Ageod's classical grand strategy game, will unleash players on the map of antiquity next month, and to get prospective armchair consuls up to speed, there's a video that breaks breaks down all the empire building and empire smashing. It's also in Latin. 

There are subtitles on the off chance that you aren't fluent. There's also an English version, too, but living languages have dominated trailers for too long. Bring back the classics. Maybe throw in some fictional ones, as well. They don't even need to be related. Planet Zoo gameplay, but in Klingon. 

Field of Glory: Empires' setting means Imperator: Rome comparisons are probably inevitable, and there are some broad similarities, but Empires' scope is larger, it's turn-based and fights take place on a tactical map. You'll be able to play as one of 70 historical factions, each with their own national traits, modifiers and special units, as you try to make your empire big and fat. 

You can recruit from a pool of more than 600 units, drawing from different cultures and spread across 20 unit types. Once you've built up your army, you can hurl them at your enemy in largely automated battles. Alternatively, you can load the battles into Field of Glory 2, giving you direct control over the battle, and then load the results into Empire. It does mean you'll need two games to get proper tactical fights, though. 

As well as tangible threats like big armies and other empires, there are also more existential threats, like decadence. Apparently, the older your empire, the more tricky it will be to keep it from becoming bloated and vulnerable. You'll need to nurture your government and culture as your empire expands or it invite a crisis that can topple the whole thing. 

Here's the original video:

Field of Glory: Empire is due out on Steam on July 11.

Fraser Brown
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