How to complete the Sage Council MSQ in FF14: Endwalker

FFXIV Sage Council - view of Old Sharlayan
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If you're having trouble completing the Sage Council quest in Final Fantasy 14, I'm here to help you out. It can be frustrating when you get stuck trying to find the location of a quest objective, especially now that Endwalker is finally here and there are plenty of new places to discover and explore.

If you're thinking of trying out the new jobs, we've got guides for both the Sage and the Reaper, or if you're having trouble connecting at all, you can check whether the servers are down. However, if you want to know how to complete the FFXIV Sage Council quest, here's what you need to know. 

FFXIV Sage Council: Where to find the troubled souls 

The Sage Council is a level 88 main scenario quest in Final Fantasy 14, and it's pretty straightforward until you reach the part where you need to find eight troubled souls in Sharlayan Hamlet. The area you need to search is marked on the map, but there's nothing to indicate the location of each one. Instead, you'll need to run around to find them, and as there are lots of buildings and stairs in the area, that's not as easy as it might sound.

Once you've spoken with the troubled researcher—who is marked on the map, thankfully—you're tasked with finding the eight troubled souls. There are many NPCs with the quest marker inside the area, but only certain ones count towards the quest. All of them are outside, though some are hidden behind bushes or around the back of buildings. 

Here are the troubled soul locations, with coordinates:

  • Distracted Researcher: X 20.7, Y 18.0
  • Anxious Engineer: X 21.0, Y 20.4
  • Harried Aetherologist: X 22.1, Y 20
  • Grimacing Naturalist: X 22.3, Y 20.5
  • Despondent Engineer: X 21.0, Y 21.6
  • Skeptical Researcher: X 21.0, Y 22.2
  • Ponderous Mathematician: X 22.6, Y 21.0
  • Hyperventilating Engineer: X 21.5, Y 19.0

Once you've found and spoken with all eight, speak with Urianger at the marked location. If you're still having problems finding any of the troubled souls, the video above should help you locate them. 

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