Feudal Alloy's release trailer shows off more fish-controlled medieval robots

Feudal Alloy’s setup is pretty conventional RPG fare. You’re Attu, an ordinary farmer leading a boring life growing sunflowers, but then some outlaws attack your village, burn your house and steal your stuff. Obviously they have to be chased down. All pretty typical stuff. 

Oh yeah, and you’re piloting a medieval robot. 

You’re also a fish. 

As you can see in the launch trailer above, Feudal Alloy’s lovely hand drawn world is full of robots, from massive, screen-dominating behemoths to pesky flying things, and all of them are piloted by wee fish. I don’t know why, but why not?

It’s an action-RPG where you’ll be able to batter enemies with swords, special attacks and grenades and use fancy gear to improve your attributes and, more importantly, turn you into a dapper robot-fish-knight. It’s a Metroidvania romp, too, so expect to get lost and spend a bit of time poring over maps. The world’s full of interconnected areas and, as you hunt down outlaws and worse, you choose your path. 

I’m already completely smitten with the enemy design. I mean, just look at this big lad. 

The huge junker looks great, but it’s the fish I love. Liberty spikes on a fish bowl—what a time to be alive. 

Feudal Alloy is due out on January 17 on Steam, GOG and Humble

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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