Far Cry 4 patch remedies black and grey screen bugs

FarCry4 2014-11-18 12-27-04-11

News about Ubisoft patch notes is becoming as ubiquitous as news about Ubisoft trailers. This time the company has released patch 1.4.0 for Far Cry 4, which purports to solve problems users are having with errant black and grey screens. The former occurs when the affected user tries to boot the game, while the later usually occurs at the end of Outpost Master Missions.

It's worth noting that some users are reporting the persistence of the black screen error, but Ubisoft has yet to directly acknowledge those complaints. Future patches will address other problems including mouse acceleration, key bindings and black shadows on SLI, but no time frame was specified.

Ubisoft acknowledged the black screen bug earlier this week, citing "the presence of conflicting peripherals" as the culprit. It follows a pretty disastrous month for Ubisoft on PC: Assassin's Creed: Unity's next patch will clear up 300 bugs.

Shaun Prescott

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