Far Cry 3 mod Dead Cry shows off custom world, familiar zombies

I know a lot of people are sick of them, but I really love killing zombies. Shooting zombies offers this highly distilled sense of guilt-free violence that I can easily deal with. Another bonus: zombies arrive pre-killed. Putting them back down is really just a public service. I'm sure one day I'll get tired of shooting/stabbing/blowing up the animated dead; on that day, I'll no longer be intrigued by Dead Cry , an upcoming total conversion mod for Far Cry 3 .

Built using the Far Cry 3 engine and map editor, Dead Cry is a single-player campaign “very much inspired by games like Left 4 Dead,” according to the mod's moddb page .

Character and enemy animations will look very familiar to anyone who played Far Cry 3, but the environment, plot, and character models are all brand new. “DEAD CRY will not merely be a bunch of maps or a mod alone,” the mod page says, “It's as close to a completely new game as you can get. The campaign will include an immersive soundtrack, cinematic cutscenes, custom sound effects and voice over work.”

Dead Cry just entered open beta release a few days ago, so you can download and play it here . They're also inviting players to fill out a beta survey form to help them make changes; you can find that survey here .