Fantastical first-person platformer A Story About My Uncle free on Steam

Update: It looks like limited supplies were, in fact, limited, and A Story About My Uncle is no longer free. It's back to $12.99 on Steam.

Original Story: First-person platformer A Story About My Uncle is free on Steam until January 14th, so go on over there and snap it up. It’s a lighthearted narrative about a boy who inherits a magical glove from his missing uncle and goes adventuring into a fantastical, mystic world to find him. When the game first released in 2014 our review called it “Some of the most tight and responsive first-person platforming I’ve ever played.” The glove lets you grapple around, swinging from floating platform to platform through levels that are more about traversal and tricks than, say, combat—like in Mirror's Edge. Earlier this week it was free on Humble, but now it's not, so if you missed that chance here's another.

It’s an indie game for sure, and it has its own whimsical charm. If you're interested it's probably worth your time at the price of, uh, free. You can grab A Story About My Uncle for free on Steam until January 14th, or while supplies last, whatever that means. A Story About My Uncle was developed by Gone North Games and published by Coffee Stain Publishing. 

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