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Fallout: Miami update includes factions, sweet shotgun animations, and more

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The latest progress update from the Fallout: Miami mod is here and it's a nice reminder that work continues on this ambitious Fallout 4 project. Nothing major is revealed in the video but there are mentions of the factions (including the Nuclear Patriots and the Dreamers, junkies in animal masks who seem inspired by Hotline Miami), and the reputation system, which will be less involved than the one New Vegas had, but will still do things like effect which ending you get.

Right at the end of the video is a look at the animations for a new weapon, a quadruple-barreled shotgun that looks real slick. No more mentions of my favorite part of the original trailer, the beach ghouls complete with inflatable swim rings, but maybe next time.

There's a call for recruitment as well, so if you're interested in joining the team then head over here.

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