Fallout: Miami mod explores its post-apocalyptic beachfronts in dazzling trailer

Last week, Sam checked out six big upcoming Fallout mods to look out for. Naturally, Fallout: Miami—the player-made project that brings sun, sea and sand to the post-apocalypse—made the cut. It's now got an 'official trailer', which you can check out above. 

"The Sole Survivor journeys to the sunny South, following the promise of a well-paid job, but ends up embroiled in a conflict between various groups, some vying for power, others fighting to uphold their ideals," explains the trailer's description. "Uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearances and take part in the age old struggle between Order and Freedom."

The cinematic presentation there flies closer to official DLC than hobbyist side venture—even if we're yet to see Fallout: Miami in motion proper. If the mod lives up to its promo material, though, I reckon we're onto a winner. And with the promise of a "brand new worldspace", a "gripping main quest" and new equipment, settlements, characters and companions, I look forward to seeing more.

I'm particularly fond of the waterside, rubber ring-wearing ghouls tucking into what looks like a shark carcass above. One particular line of narration caught my attention, too: 

Just do yourself a favour, don't go near that building. Something strange is going on. And, I hate to say it, but this might be the beginning of something big.

Ominous. No word on release just yet, but keep up to speed with Fallout 4 mod Fallout: Miami via its official blog.