Fallout 76 Wastelanders launch times announced

(Image credit: Bethesda)

After a slight delay, the Fallout 76 Wastelanders update is arriving tomorrow, bringing with it a gaggle of NPCs to bring the game's ruined world to life. There's just enough time left to bake a lovely radroach pie for your new neighbours—but maybe you'd like to know exactly when they're coming, so you can preheat the oven?

Here are the worldwide launch times, via an image posted on the Fallout Twitter account. I've summarised it below.

Los Angeles: 4:59 AM PDT
New York: 7:59 AM EDT
São Paulo: 8:59 AM BRT
London: 12:59 PM BST
Paris: 13:59 PM CEST
Moscow: 14:59 PM MSK
Singapore: 19:59 PM SGT
Taipei: 19:59 PM CST
Tokyo: 20:59 PM JST
Sydney: 21:59 PM AEST

You'll likely want to get preloading—and handily you can get on with that now. Fallout's Twitter account has also announced that "if you linked your Steam account to Bethesda.net to get your free copy of Fallout76 on Steam" (more on that here), you can start preloading the game on Steam now.

Be warned, however, that if you've been playing the game already your stuff might not be where you left it, as Bethesda has given over some of the wasteland to its new NPCs.

Tom Sykes

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