Fallout 4 VR confirmed for E3 2017

Last month, the Entertainment Software Association announced this year's E3 conference in Los Angeles will be open to the public—having been exclusive to media and industry folk previously. If you're able to attend, there's a good chance you'll be able to get your hands on Fallout 4 VR. 

Announced at the Bethesda conference at last year's E3, the developer's Todd Howard has since spoken excitedly about the Commonwealth's virtual reality incarnation on a few occasions, however vice president Pete Hines has confirmed it'll be at this year's LA event. 

Speaking to Hip Hop Gamer (via GameRant), Hines told the prominent YouTuber that Fallout 4 VR will feature at E3 2017 and that Howard had recently told him it's "the most incredible thing you've ever seen in your life."

Expectedly enthusiastic, Hines adds: "You can’t even imagine what it’s like, playing in VR and how realistic it looks and everywhere you turn your head. It is going to blow your mind. It is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen."

While Hines doesn't say whether or not Fallout 4 VR will be playable at the conference, I'd wager something will be given the fact Howard has previously suggested it can be played "from start to finish right now", even if there's still work to be done. In an interview last year, Howard said movement was, at that stage, governed by teleportation, but that he and his team were "experimenting with a few other techniques."

And if something is playable, can we expect a concrete launch date this June? I guess we'll find out in less than three months' time.