Fallout 4 Sim Settlements mod add-on introduces disaster scenarios

Kinggath's Sim Settlements mod changed the way I play Fallout 4 by simplifying its colony system. Mr Jose Cuervo's Sim Settlements City Plan Disaster Pack add-on mixes things up by introducing catastrophe scenarios.

Chris first pointed me at our Mod of the Year 2017, which lets settlers go about their work autonomously, and removes the need for micromanagement. IDEK's Logistics Station add-on simplifies resource sharing. Mr Jose Cuervo's Sim Settlements City Plan Disaster Pack then gives your settlers' work purpose, and a reason to keep on building.  

In the Abernathy Air Tragedy, for example, settlers must help Blake Abernathy rebuild his life in the wake of his daughter's death. Abernathy blames the Raiders for his hardship, we learn here, and is determined to protect the loved ones that remain. In the Oberland Station Intermodal Calamity, settlers must restore a community after a train wreck; while the Red Rocket Molerat Catastrophe tasks them with outlasting an irradiated rodent infestation. 

More information, including installation instructions, on all three disaster events can be found via Nexus Mods. I've spent the last 15 or so minutes tinkering with the Abernathy Air Tragedy set piece, and have so far enjoyed the context it provides for ordering your workforce around. More of this please, creator Mr Jose Cuervo.