Fallout 4's Sim Settlements mod add-on simplifies resource sharing

Sim Settlements is so good it should be an official part of the game, said Chris following the launch of kinggath's Fallout 4 settlers mod last year. It went on to win our Best Mod of 2017 and has since received an equally-impressive 'Rise of the Commonwealth' expansion. 

Now, IDEK's Logistics Station aims to "simplify [the] logistical concerns" of settlement maintenance, by creating an Industrial plot that automates supply lines and improves inter-settlement resource sharing. 

"Settlement networking sucks," says the mod's creator IDontEvenKnow. "Supply lines are annoying to set up, and even more annoying to redefine as you unlock more settlements. The standard system that shares food and water between settlements is just as happy to feed your settlers corn as it is your cache of Mirelurk Queen steaks. Collecting the surplus food, water and tax money that your settlements produce is tedious.

"To alleviate this, I created this mod. With Sim Settlements, your settlers are happy to build their own towns—why shouldn't they manage their own logistical needs as well?"

In practice, players assign settlers to each settlement's Logistics Station, who are in turn automatically assigned a caravan route to their nearest settlement. As your network grows, the mod lets your supply lines maintain efficient routes without additional input—and your supply lines will automatically arrange themselves to "produce a minimum spanning tree."

That looks something like this:

Logistics Stations also redistributes resources in a more efficient manner against standard supply lines, which in turn is designed to maintain settler happiness. More information on that, as well how the mod handles storage and resource auto-collection, can be found via the mod's Nexus Mods page

For more on Fallout 4's Sim Settlements mod itself, check out Chris' words here.