Fallout 4 mod equips players with throwing knives, shurikens, sweet roll-shooting rolling pins

Fallout 4 modder GengisKhanX has featured on PC Gamer previously by virtue of his Trash Collection and Beautifier Shotgun mods—both of which are designed to spruce up the otherwise messy Boston Commonwealth. His latest Main Hand Throwing Weapons and GKX Weapon Miscellany projects are, as the names probably suggest, less passive.

Of the latter, the creator describes it as "a collection of weapons [he's] made that really don't fit any other category, or warrant their own mod." Within you'll find 'Melee Shooters', which contains a strange array of sweet roll-firing Rolling Pins, Pool Cue Shooters, and a Baseball Grenade Bat. 'Throwing Junk' lets you throw junk around, as opposed to relying on the Junk Jet; whereas 'Meganades' is simply a collection of large explosives—"throw them and run," explains GengisKhanX. 

GKX Weapon Miscellany also houses 'Main Hand Throwing Weapons' which lets players toss Shurikens (using GlobalFriction's 2016 model) and Throwing Knives. While the latter exists elsewhere on Fallout 4's corner of Nexus, this iteration allows players to toss blades without the use of a grenade slot, and also boasts hand animations, instead of shooting directly from the first-person camera. 

GengisKhanX describes the mod at present as a "proof of concept" that he's keen to receive feedback on. As such projectile speed could do with tinkering, and animations are little rough around the edges. Nevertheless, I've enjoyed GengisKhanX's work to this point, and I'm fairly certain there's more to come here. 

More information on both Main Hand Throwing Weapons and GKX Weapon Miscellany can be found via those there links.