Fallout 4 gets Snake-level stealth with the Metal Gear Solid cardboard box mod

Sometimes the best answer to a high-tech problem is a low-tech solution. Solid Snake showed us that when it comes to stealth, a simple cardboard box is all you need to bamboozle enemy guards, and now you can use a cunning corrugated container in Fallout 4.

The Metal Gear Solid Cardboard Box mod gives you a comically large box to hide in as you scuttle your way across The Commonwealth. Equip it with your Pipboy as an apparel item and say goodbye to shadowed armor and Stealth Boys. It's time to get old-school, Snake-level sneaky.

There are three different versions of the box contained in the mod, and you can only have one version installed at a time. The most basic version is quite simply just a box—there are no stealth benefits at all, it's literally just a giant box you can wear as a costume.

The second version, Solid Box, will let you avoid detection while you're wearing the box and sneaking or remaining perfectly still. If you scuttle too quickly in view of enemies, however, they'll spot you. The third version (Big Boss Box) basically renders you invisible, allowing you to creep around right in front of your enemies, who will only detect you if they walk right into you or you do something stupid, like try and fail to pick their pockets.

If you're detected, the box vanishes and you can't equip it again until you're hidden.

With the mod installed, you'll find your new disguise just outside Vault 111, sitting in the blue trailer by the billboard. You can also craft the "Big Boss" version of the box at a chem station.

You can grab Metal Gear Solid Cardboard Box mod here at Nexus Mods.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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