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Fallout 4 enemy spawn mod drops 50 Behemoths into the wasteland at once

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Despite its somewhat lacklustre main story campaign, Fallout 4's wealth of player-made mods (opens in new tab) continue to impress. Creator GenghisKhanX has caught (opens in new tab) my (opens in new tab) eye (opens in new tab) a few times in the past—and I fancy his latest outing. 

Named Spawn Grenade (opens in new tab), this creation adds "baseball-like" grenades which generate enemies in large batches of one to 50. Everything from Bloatflies to Radroaches, Supermutants to Synths, Raiders to Behemoths can be produced at once—the sum of which looks like the header image above, and the following screens below.

In conversation with another Nexus Mods user, GenghisKhanX discusses a scenario (opens in new tab)—an "evil idea", as they put it—whereby his mod rigs a settlement's power, so that it spawns baddies at intervals and numbers decided by the player. 

That's illustrated here:

GenghisKhanX also mentions the mod's scope for an "endless wave" survival game. Between what Spawn Grenade already offers, and what it might provide down the line, I look forward to another trip to irradiated Boston.

Who needs West Virginia anyway (opens in new tab)?