Fallout 4 dev stream shows opening hour of Nuka-World DLC

As you might’ve spied earlier this week, Bethesda hosted a Fallout 4 livestream on Tuesday which showcased the game’s sixth a final slice of DLC—the decrepit theme park-set Nuka World. The hour-long overview is featured below and explores sections of the new area, some of the characters you’ll be conversing with, and some of the new enemies you'll be up against—some of which present a real challenge for Bethesda’s hosts Matt Grandstaff and Mark Teare. 

NB—the stream itself is relatively spoiler-free—Grandstaff and Teare actively avoid spoilers—however watch on at your own discretion. 

The stream kicks off in Sanctuary where the protagonist tunes into Nuka-World radio in order to locate the amusement park, said to be larger in size than previous expansion Far Harbour. He quickly runs into an unhappy group of gunners, as can be seen in the opening ten minutes.   

“This DLC is meant to be at a higher level,” explains Grandstaff. “We wanted to give people who’ve been playing a long time a challenge. Level 30 is when the radio signal pops, but really you might want to go even higher than [that] to have a really good playthrough and not get your ass kicked.” 

Later on in the stream, rooms filled with ceiling-mounted turrets and new Metroid-like bugs stalk the player which further cements the add-on's difficulty level. If you think you've got what it takes, you can try your hand at Fallout 4’s Nuka-World expansion when it lands August 30. It'll cost £14.99/$19.99 when it does.