Bethesda to livestream Fallout 4’s Nuka-World DLC tomorrow

Fallout 4 will welcome its sixth and final expansion next week—the decrepit theme park-set Nuka-World—which developer Bethesda will demo during a livestream tomorrow. 

Announced via the game’s Twitter feed, the stream will be hosted on Bethesda’s Twitch channel at 9pm BST/4pm ET/1pm PT, and will explore the new DLC that’s expected to challenge previous add-on Far Harbour in size. 

Chris seemed to enjoy his time there when he got to grips with it back in May, however wasn’t too enamoured by Vault-Tec Workshop nor Wasteland Workshop—saying he found it difficult to recommend the latter, even at just $5. With new quests, new zones, new weapons, and the chance to assume the role of a commanding Raider, here’s hoping Nuka-World takes Far Harbour’s lead. 

It’ll cost £14.99/$19.99 when it arrives on August 30 but in the meantime here's another look at Nuka-World’s official trailer: