Fallout 3 voice actor hints at possible sequel

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Fallout 3 Three Dog

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A constant companion in Fallout 3's blasted wastelands were the big band riffs of Galaxy News Radio and its slacktivist DJ Three Dog. Somehow, he always knew the perfect song to play whenever a Deathclaw decided to pull my head off. In a pair (opens in new tab) of tweets (opens in new tab) yesterday (via VGU (opens in new tab) ), Three Dog voice actor Erik Dellums expressed a different kind of foresight by hinting that he may reprise his role in a Fallout sequel possibly underway at Bethesda.

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Dellums' second tweet revealed Bethesda beamed its blessing to broadcast the clue, but the studio predictably stopped short of outright confirming another Fallout. Even if another entry in the long-spanning RPG franchise were to surface, it'd have to get in line behind The Elder Scrolls Online (opens in new tab) . Obsidian, developers of Fallout: New Vegas (opens in new tab) , is also busying itself with South Park: The Stick of Truth (opens in new tab) and Project Eternity (opens in new tab) . But considering the massive popularity and replayability of the Fallout games, a sequel from one of either studios seems likely at some point.

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